Cloenda de l'nstitut Front Marítim

 Working in a project about the World Race, has been a unique experience.  I have learned a lot about navigation and science. Despite the problems the skippers have had  and the removal of one of the boats, it was a  fair and exciting race. Although they were quilometres of distance far away,  they  were on our side, because they have not stopped communication with people. I admire  the skippers have been able to be many months away from home, without seeing their family, without decent food ... But mostly I admire for having overcome a challenge. I hope with all my heart to have enjoyed the experience.    Autora: Henar Rodríguez Arias                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Eu admiro vostede, porque foi capaz de estar tanto tempo no interior, navegando buque.  Autora: Carla Otero RocA                                                                                                                           Em va sorprendre que al Hugo Boss se li trenqués el màstil perque era un vaixell molt ben preparat i s'esperava que guanyés ja que va guanyar la edició passada.Autora: Neus García-Donas Tosca